NYMRAD seconds Smulyan’s optimistic report


Jeff SmulyanEmmis Communications’ Jeff Smulyan had a very positive radio revenue story to share at his company’s 6/28/13 quarterly results call, and his optimism is now officially echoed by New York Market Radio, which says radio in the Big Apple is very positive for the first five months of the year.

According to Miller, Kaplan, Arase and Co., New York radio stations have exceeded spot revenue results for the first five months of 2012 by a resounding 7.6%.

NYMRAD Executive Director Deborah Beagan said, “It’s quite a story to see New York Radio Market Revenues up by over 7% year to date through May, 2013. That’s the fastest growth among the Top 10 markets in what is — outside of New York — a flat growth scenario nationwide.  “The key to New York Market Radio’s success is live and local content that engages the audience,” she continued.  “For the 92% of New Yorkers who listen to Radio, this is their hometown and their favorite stations.   In addition, NY Market Radio stations have significantly invested in the digital arena to provide multiplatform options to advertisers.  The future of effective advertising lies in the smart integration of traditional and digital media.  I am extremely enthusiastic about the second half of 2013.”

May contributed a 7.2% gain, with spot actually outperforming digital/NTR/other – bucking the trend of the past few years. Local spot increased 8.3% and national spot was up 11.2%.

YTD after five months, local is up 6.1%, national is up 14.3%; total spot is up 7.6%, and total revenue is up 6.7%.