NZ radio divorce stunt backfires


A Valentines Day competition at MediaWorks’ “The Rock” FM in New Zealand was supposed to have a woman being told her husband is divorcing her live on air. This time, the stunt backfired on Robert Taylor and Jono Pryor, hosts of The Rock FM’s Drive. The ‘the Valentine’s Day divorce’ was to have a listener’s divorce paid for by the station on the condition the news is broken to the unsuspecting spouse live on air. But a lesbian couple sabotaged the competition.

The Rock is infamous for making and breaking relationships of its listeners. Last year about this time the station also came under fire after running a competition where listeners can win their own Ukrainian bride.

In the lead-up to the call, a woman put herself forward to win the divorce. “Sam”  registered for the competition saying she had been thinking of getting a divorce for a while, and when the opportunity presented itself, thought it was the right time.

“We’ve been married for four years and I think I’ve met someone else,” Sam told the radio station prior to the show.

Sam said it was a good opportunity because she did not have the funds to hire a divorce lawyer.

“It’s my life and people can think what they want but it’s my happiness.”

Sam told the radio station her husband’s name was Andy and when a woman answered the call the hosts seemed taken aback, asking if they had the right number.

“No, this isn’t Andy. It’s never going to be Andy. It wasn’t Andy to start with you f***ing idiots,” said a woman who then revealed she is Sam’s wife, Amber.

“So how does it feel you two – how does it feel like, being on the other end of something? “We sabotaged you, you d..kheads.”

Sam said she was appalled by the competition and could not let it happen to someone else.

Pryor said although he felt embarrassed it was genius.

“I feel like I’m in an episode of Scooby Doo and we’re finally figuring out how you caught us out and we would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you dastardly lesbians.”

Taylor said: “You shot us in the arse. You got us fair and square.”

The host asked Sam if she had anything to say to the listeners who supported the competition. “They aren’t very intelligent if they are and they’ve got no ethics or morals if they are.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Bottom line, it’s good entertainment. When the listeners get one over on the show hosts, everyone laughs. At first there was opposition to the stunt. So at this point, any detractors the station had are now laughing as well. It’s probably the best-case scenario for how this could have turned out.