Oasis Radio Group saves the day in Ft. Wayne


On 8/28, 10+ Federated Media Employees there felt the sting of corporate down-sizing when the company–the largest local broadcaster–ended their employment at WOWO-AM, WBYR-FM, WQHK-FM and WMEE-FM.  In an effort to keep local broadcasters working, Oasis Radio Group is offering full and part-time positions to all of the terminated Federated Media staffers.

Despite the current challenging economy, Oasis Radio Group GM Phil Becker says his company is determined not to follow the lead of corporate giants, such as Clear Channel, Cumulus, and now Federated Media, with numerous staff cuts and a growing reliance on syndicated programs, out-of-market services and non-local workers: “Radio stations are best when staffed with people who live in the community.”

Becker says employing homegrown talent is vital to keeping radio stations focused on serving the Fort Wayne area: “Both our listeners and local businesses benefit from having broadcasters who live here, shop here, and do business here. We want to be part of Fort Wayne’s economic recovery, and that means keeping people on-the-job whenever possible.”

Becker says he fears that some of the terminated Federated employees will be held to non-compete agreements, which will unnecessarily force them to uproot their families and leave town:  “It’s sad when companies that are downsizing, terminate loyal employees of 10+ years and then prevent them from working at another station in town.”

For more information contact Becker at [email protected]. He runs WJFX-FM, WHPP-FM and WBTU-FM in that market.

RBR-TVBR observation: We’d be willing to say Federated will let at least some of the ex-employees out of any non-competes. With the good publicity this move is getting, they’d probably not want the local community to turn against their stations or advertisers. Good job, Mr. Becker!