Oasis Radio Group signs with Listener Driven Radio


Oasis Radio Group has inked a deal with Listener Driven Radio (LDR) for its stations in Fort Wayne, IN.  LDR will give Oasis’ listeners unprecedented control of the music that plays on Country WBTU-FM and CHR WJFX-FM.

As part of the deal, WBTU “US 93.3” will use the LDR.Takeover platform to present “Pick it and Click It” every night from 7:00 pm to midnight, billing it as “radio by the people, for the people.” 
At the same time, WJFX “Hot 107.9” will utilize LDR technology to make the station’s evening show completely interactive, where listeners call the shots on what gets played minute-by-minute on the air. 
“The Oasis Radio Group prides itself in being a young, progressive and aggressive company.  Using the LDR technology continues to move us away from being a company with just transmitters and towers. Who better to select the product than the people who are your consumers?  As a industry we need to empower and let go of being ‘in control.’  Daniel and his team are a key part of our evolution,” said Oasis Radio Group General Manager Phil Becker.
“Fort Wayne radio listeners have never been given this amount of control over the music on local radio. Oasis Radio Group is breaking new ground for their community, offering hyper-local programming controlled by the audience. We are excited to be a part of the local radio revolution!” said LDR President Daniel Anstandig.