Obama campaign booking radio spots in smaller markets


Barack ObamaA strategist tracking the 2012 air war flags an interesting development: the Obama campaign is booking ad time for rural radio in and around the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Obama campaign has reserved about $35,000 so far in airtime between 7/20 and 8/2. Markets include Pittsburgh (not so small of a market); Youngstown, OH; Fort Wayne, IN; and Huntington, Charleston and Parkersburg, WV, reports Politico.

The markets in West Virginia and Indiana — two states that are not expected to be competitive — also reach voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“Obama’s team hasn’t rolled out any rural voter-specific media lately but some operatives believe the president has an opportunity to pick up votes on the margins due to Mitt Romney’s weakness with certain traditionally Republican voters. And we’re not talking about hugely costly airtime here,” said Politico.