Obama campaign taps radio to reach Black audience


Barack ObamaPresident Barack Obama had overwhelming support from African-Americans, who helped make him president during the campaign of 2008. He’s using radio to urge them to show up at the polls again this year.

The spots, according to a CNN report, will point out to the audience that they helped make history in the first campaign, and asks for their help in finishing the job via a second term.

According to the report, audio from a recent speech is aired, listing educational and health items that Obama promises to protect rather than use the same amount of cash to provide a tax cut for wealthy individuals.

CNN noted that 95% of African American voters went for Obama in 2008, comprising 13% of all votes cast. Obama figures to get a high percentage support from this demographic again – the trick will be getting them to show up and vote.

RBR-TVBR observation: One word: Targetability. Almost every radio station in America is tightly formatted and reaches a specific type of audience at a very reasonable price with few wasted impressions. We are always amazed it isn’t used as a scalpel by political campaigns with a tightly-targeted message to deliver.