Obama economic plans include aid for business


President-elect Barack Obama appears ready to invest nearly $1T in projects designed to keep Americans working. Another aspect of his plan, however, calls for tax cuts which could help businesses already in operation maintain their payrolls. The figure placed on tax cuts is $300B, $100B of which may be headed directly to the business community.

The business plan would involve allowing refilled tax returns going back as far as five years past, allowing companies to combine good prior years with lackluster 2008 results, producing a refund.

RBR/TVBR observation: It is critical to get consumers spending again, and for that they will need confidence, and they will also need cash. If businesses are put on firmer footing, it will help erode job-loss anxiety, which will also encourage consumers to spend and allow businesses to sell. And to do that properly, businesses will need broadcasters. Hey, it all sounds good to us.