Obama leads in Ohio and Texas advertising


Democrat Barack Obama is the leading advertiser in advance of the March 4 Ohio and Texas presidential primaries, The Nielsen Company reported.

According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, between 1/1 and 2/24, Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain placed 6,499 TV spots in Ohio.  During the same time period, Obama and Clinton placed a total of 11,150 spots in Texas.  John McCain did not run television ads in Texas during January and February. 

Although his television spots ran only in February, Barack Obama’s advertising far outpaced Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s in both Ohio and Texas.  His spots account for 63% of the 6,499 presidential campaign ads that have aired on television in Ohio since the start of the new year. 

In Texas, Barack Obama ran an even larger number of spots—but because Hillary Clinton also increased her advertising, Obama’s spots accounted for only 59% of the 11,150 televised presidential campaign spots that aired there during January and February.