Obama, McCain topped $110M in August


Barack Obama blew away his own personal monthly fund-raising record of $55M, collecting $66M during the month of August, and John McCain set a personal record of his own, collecting $47M. Obama’s head-to-head advantage has been offset by RNC’s big cash advantage over the DNC. McCain has accepted $84M in federal funding, which will be his personal limit through November, but the RNC will be able to support his campaign, although it may not coordinate with the McCain campaign in determining how RNC money is spent. Obama is not taking federal money and will be continuing fundraising efforts throughout the remainder of the campaign.

RBR/TVBR observation: We’re starting to see quite a bit of advertising locally for offices at various levels of government. Despite ongoing efforts to throttle the flow of cash into the political system, it looks like another banner, record-breaking year for the political category. Make sure your cash register is in good working order.