Obama plugs Limbaugh once again


Rush LimbaughThey say there is no such thing as bad publicity, so the fact that President Barack Obama has once again invoked the name of radio icon Rush Limbaugh can only be seen as a gift of free marketing. ”

Obama was on CNN discussing the problems he has working with Republicans in Congress, saying that many of them are fearful of the demonstrating even the slightest amount of willingness to do anything at all to get anything done. He said they are wary of Tea Party primary challenges and the commentary of Limbaugh.

Obama said, “I’ve made this argument to my Republican friends privately, and, by the way, sometimes they say to me privately, ‘I agree with you, but I’m worried about a primary from, you know, somebody in the tea party back in my district,’ or, ‘I’m worried about what Rush Limbaugh is going to say about me on the radio. And so you got to understand, I’m — it’s really difficult.'”

Obama has frequently brought Limbaugh into play when discussing current events and his relationship with the Republican Party going back to the beginning of his first term in the White House.

RBR-TVBR observation: In the free market of ideas this is much more useful than the bland, nebulous references we see all the time invoking either the left wing or the right wing media. Such a plug is empty, meaningless. By referencing Limbaugh specifically, Obama has reinforced Limbaugh’s stature as a thought leader for his constituency, not to mention bestowing upon Limbaugh what marketers refer to as an impression each and every time Obama’s remark is heard by a consumer.

Does it matter that Obama’s reference to Limbaugh was negative? Not one little bit!