Obama radio ads to air in battleground states


Barack ObamaA series of radio ads from President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign hit battleground states 8/20, with each spot focusing on local concerns facing voters in each state. Florida’s spot focuses on Medicare, blasting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for proposing a plan that would allow private insurers to compete with traditional Medicare on an exchange.

Other states’ radio ads spotlight different issues. In Iowa, clean energy is the focus. Obama slammed Romney for his stance on wind energy when he campaigned in Iowa at the beginning of last week, reports a CNN Blog.

Politico listed the ads:

The president’s campaign will go on the air today with seven radio advertisements that paint the Romney-Ryan plan as extreme. Each focuses on a vote that Ryan has taken in the House, which the campaign thinks will resonate locally. Here’s the focus of the ad for each state (per Chicago)—

“In Florida, voters will hear how experts have said that the Romney-Ryan plan turns Medicare into a voucher and takes away the guarantee that millions of Floridians count on.”

“In Iowa, voters will hear how clean energy would be slashed under the Romney-Ryan budget, threatening Iowa’s status as a leader on wind energy jobs.”

“In Nevada, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan plan would let the housing market hit the bottom and how Ryan voted against a bill to protect veterans and active duty service members from foreclosures.

“In New Hampshire, voters will hear how under the Romney-Ryan budget, 21,000 college kids in New Hampshire would see their Pell Grants cut by $800.”

“In North Carolina, with so many families suffering from the impact of PTSD, voters will hear how Ryan voted against $20 million tailored to help with post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention.”

“In Ohio, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan budget could cut Pell Grants for up to 356,000 Ohio students – putting college out of reach for many families.”

“In Virginia, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan plan slashes investments in road and infrastructure projects and how Ryan even opposed bridge repair and safety bills as a member of Congress.”

“From letting the housing market hit rock bottom to turning Medicare into a voucher system and slashing investments in education, the Romney-Ryan approach is consistent with their belief in a top-down economy – provide trillions in tax cuts to those at the top and pay for it with tax hikes on the middle-class and deep cuts in key investments we need to create jobs and grow our economy,” Obama spokesman Adam Fetcher wrote in a statement.

A Romney campaign spokeswoman responded to the new ads with a statement:

“No amount of misleading, distorted ads can cover up President Obama’s failure to keep his promises,” Amanda Henneberg wrote. “President Obama hopes voters will ignore his record of cutting $700 billion from Medicare, gutting work requirements in welfare, and failing to create jobs for the 23 million Americans struggling for work. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a Plan for a Stronger Middle Class that will bring back jobs and get our country back on the right track.”

See the CNN blog here.