"Obama Radio Nation 2009" to air from DC


"Obama Radio Nation 2009" is a 3-hour live show (1/18 4-7 PM) and national radio broadcast from Lisner Auditorium at The George Washington University, three blocks from the White House. Hosted by the nationally-syndicated progressive talk-radio host Bill Press, this event features the country’s leading progressive talk-radio hosts, including Joe Madison, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and Mario Solis-Marich, on-stage together for a celebration of the inauguration of Barack Obama and the role progressive talk radio has played nationally in this historic occasion.

The live audience show will be broadcast on progressive talk-radio stations around the country, and C-Span will carry it live on TV.  After the show, VIPs will be invited to cross the street to the Marvin Center’s Grand Ballroom for a private reception.

 The show is syndicated by Media Syndication Services.