Obama says to get DTV-ready now


President Barack Obama told America’s DTV procrastinators that he acted in February to give them time to get ready for the advent of digital television (and the abandonment of analog). He warned those that are still procrastinating that there will be no further delays.

Here are Obama’s full remarks:

On June 12…the nation’s full-power television stations will switch to all-digital programming. The transition to digital will free up airwaves for broadband and enhanced emergency communications for our police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

In February, I worked with Congress to postpone the deadline television broadcasters had to end their analog signals, because it was clear that millions of Americans would have been left in the dark if the conversion had gone on as planned. I directed key members of my Administration to reach out and help Americans, especially those in our most vulnerable communities, to make the switch to digital television.

In the months since then, we have worked hand in hand with state and local officials, broadcasters, and community groups to educate and assist millions of Americans with the transition. The number of households unprepared for digital television has been cut in half.  Still, some people are not ready. I want to be clear: there will not be another delay.  I urge everyone who is not yet prepared to act today, so you don’t lose important news and emergency information on June 12. And I encourage all Americans who are prepared, to talk to their friends, family, and neighbors to make sure they get ready before it’s too late.

RBR/TVBR observation: It would not be a bad idea for Obama to go ahead and make a 0:30 second PSA on this topic to air during the waning days of analog.