Obama spokesman can now tune in


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, while discussing comments by and about Rush Limbaugh, noted Wednesday that he doesn’t even have a radio. Ever helpful, ABC News Radio White House Correspondent Ann Compton delivered one to Gibbs Thursday – a gift from her boss, ABC News Radio VP/GM Steve Jones. Gibbs also got a baseball cap, which, like the radio, prominently displays the ABC News Radio logo, and another cap to give to his son. Compton said Gibbs was impressed by the notation in Jones’ letter accompanying the gifts that radio, according to NAB figures, reaches 235 million people weekly. Gibbs joked that he should next tell the White House press corps that he doesn’t have a car or a college fund for his son, Ethan.  

RBR/TVBR observation: Gibbs’ office might soon be overrun by radio receivers. The HD Radio Alliance notified us that a Sony XDR-S10HDiP receiver with full iTunes Tagging capability and an iPod dock is on its way to the White House. Kane from Clear Channel’s WIHT-FM “Hot 99.5” DC hopped in the station van yesterday to deliver a wide assortment of radio listening devices to the White House after holding a news conference at the CC Radio studios. No doubt some other broadcasters have also put receivers in the mail as well.