Obama's team, The Chicago Destroyers


I do not care for what is happening inside the beltway and inside the Obama Administration.

The disgusting part – President Obama campaigned on “change” to bring a new style to Washington and change the way the good ol’ boys and girls inside the beltway did business on behalf of all of us in America.

Well this just has not happened. Obama, with his hatchet team of White House (WH) chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, senior adviser David Axelrod and Anita Dunn, the communications director, continue to practice the search and destroy style politics. 

I call this WH team The ‘Chicago Destroyers’. All are on the same playbook – or in Radio talk, they are reading the same liner cards. Perhaps for TV it’s reading from the same teleprompter.

Now we also have Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who singled out two Fox News shows as examples of unfair criticism. “You and I should watch sometime around 9 tonight or 5 this afternoon,” Gibbs said. That points to the 5 pm slot with Glenn Beck and the 9 pm program hosted by Sean Hannity – both of whom also have highly successful radio programs. It seems the Chicago Destroyers are hell bent at attemptng to destroy anyone who does not agree with them or bend to their demands.

When it comes to Fox News Channel, it seems the Chicago Destroyers are blinded by what is “News” and what is “point of view” programming.  Also, the Chicago Destroyers do not know the difference between news programming and entertainment programming.

Fox Television Network is an entertainment network. It does not have an evening nationwide newscast as NBC with Brian Williams, ABC with Charlie Gibson or CBS with Katie Couric. That evening 6:00 pm hour is on the Fox News Channel with Bret Baier. Remember the word “News” is dependent on freedom of speech. 

First the Chicago Destroyers were going after Fox News Channel. Now they are after the US Chamber of Commerce, charging that it doesn’t really represent the interests of many businesses because it opposes the Administration’s financial industry reform proposals. President Obama personally criticized the Chamber for its lobbying activities.

The stunt the White House attempted with the White House press pool demonstrates the heavy hand of Obama and his Chicago Destroyers. And… their stupidity of even attempting to exclude Fox News – a member of the non-biased check paying the tab press pool. So think – attempting to get away with the press pool stunt what do you think is going on behind closed doors giving instructions to Mark Lloyd at the FCC!!!

Question: Who’s Next? Will it be your media company for using your power of the tower to disagree with policy that is not good for your community? It is called “Localism.” Radio and television stations are supposed to rise up and sound off and make your voice heard on behalf of your audiences, your community and small businesses that you do business with. But what if that voice is out of sync with what the Chicago Destroyers want to hear?

Radio and TV now should be the champions of Free Speech and also get your loyal audiences to interact with you on the air and on your websites. That will also send a strong message to all political types that local Radio and TV stations are are not silent and passive, but an open forum to actually bring the “Localism” so often touted in Washington to their communities.

I also am willing to bet that your local businesses would appreciate support from your voice. Stand with them to make their concerns known and most likely your businesses will improve.

RBR-TVBR reported on 08/29/09 findings on what the American public wants from Obama and our elected officials: “Slowdown, Fix the Economy First Then Healthcare.” 

In a nutshell, this is what the real research stated: “Townhall meeting reaction to healthcare reform as seen on TV newscasts appears to be grounded in grass roots feelings that people have lost their voice in Washington. According to the latest American Pulse™ Townhall of over 4,000 people 18+ (conducted 8/14-8/17/09), many people appear to feel disappointed, disgusted or bad towards Congress.” This is sample is much larger that your Arbitron or Nielsen ratings.

The research shows your audiences are disgusted as I am with what is happening inside the beltway and now it is time for Local Radio and TV to stand up and use your voice – because it is a loud one if you just open your mouth and don’t back down from the Chicago Destroyers.

Jim Carnegie, Publisher (RBR & TVBR)

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