Off-air TV coming to a tablet near you


TabletsNear you? You’re carrying it – and with the help of Tablet TV, you’ll be able to watch live broadcast television off air, on your tablet, wherever you are within the station’s broadcast area. Granite Broadcasting is a testing partner in San Francisco.

The Granite station is independent KOFY-TV. It will utilize a small antenna and special software that will enable users to see it free and in high definition.

A Frank Magid study shows that a third of table users consider themselves likely to use the app. Magid point out that this puts millions upon millions of potential viewers in play.

Many would be likely to view more television away from home on their table than they do at home; and many at home would use their tablet to have two screens on at once, something that would be very appealing to many advertisers.

Leonard M. Fertig, CEO Motive Television, said, “Providing a low-cost way for tablet viewers to watch the most popular programs with measurable viewing information for the industry on the fastest growing screens in America is our goal.”

Sporting events and airports were cited as just two of the venues that may be frequently used by Tablet TV viewers.

The app will also have video-on-demand and will also be able to offer connections to various social media platforms.

RBR-TVBR observation: Just like FM on cell, this technology could provide untold public interest benefits. When one-to-one digital distribution models are swamped into uselessness, it is possible that this application may allow urgent information to make it out to the public in times of crisis. We’ll watch with interest Granite’s beta test.


  1. There are hundreds (maybe thousand plus) low power TV stations across the country willing to deliver this service. Broadcast TV stations can do this better and at a much lower cost than any of the conglomerates.

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