Ohio rep wants cost-benefit reports from FCC


In the recent House Communications Subcommittee hearing, members discussed a draft bill that would try to reform FCC processes. The bill proposed a number of items. Now member Bob Latta (R-OH) has introduced a bill that would address only one of them – a requirement that the FCC include a cost-benefit analysis any time it proposes a new rule.

The bill is called H.R.2289 — ABCs’ Act of 2011. ABC stands for Analysis of Benefits and Costs.

It is not a long bill. It would amend the Communications Act of 1934 to include the include the following: “The Commission shall include in each notice of proposed rule making and in each final rule issued by the Commission an analysis of the benefits and costs of the proposed rule or final rule, respectively.”

Latta does not yet have any co-sponsors.

The Congressman explained, “Over-regulations are stifling small businesses’ ability to innovate and create jobs in the United States. With the telecommunications industry driving a significant proportion of the economic growth in our country, we should make sure the FCC does not produce regulations that will hamper this sector of the economy. Businesses across America, and families for that matter, are making tough decisions based on their own cost-benefit analysis, so why should the FCC escape the tough calculations every day Americans are doing.”