Ohio Right to Work opponents launch campaign (video)


In light of the Right to Work, or “Workplace Freedom,” efforts in that state’s  legislature, a pro worker group is taking a proactive approach by stepping up its efforts to educate the public on the dangers of the divisive Right to Work agenda with two ads hitting local TV and cable in several Ohio markets.

The IUOE Local 18 union-backed advocacy group Keep Ohio’s Heritage has made a significant push against the Right to Work movement with buys in Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati and Youngstown.

Airing for four weeks on cable and broadcast TV from 5:00 to 7:00 am, and again from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, the ads are set to bring back the popular “Middle Class Minute” segments.

See the video:

Originally released in March in longer form, the “Middle Class Minute” videos aim to clarify any confusion on the controversial workplace issue. Realizing backers of the amendment are using ambiguous names like “Workplace Freedom” and Right to Work to label itself, the videos are intended to show workers across the state how the measure will irreparably harm Ohio, if passed.

Adding a brand new video to the mix, Keep Ohio’s Heritage produced an ad that demonstrates the potential dangers of the right to work movement. Highlighting the instability in Bangladesh, the informative clip illustrates what can happen without worker protections. Designed to be concise and informative, the 30 second ads are set to bring attention to the issue.

Critics of the right to work initiatives have long believed advocates of the bill are trying to play to the misinformed, while painting the portraying unions as the heavy handed, stereotypical organizations from America’s past.

The ‘Workplace Freedom’ movement is an attempt to amend Ohio’s constitution, which critics say will take away workers’ rights and freedoms and allow business owners to lower worker pay, reduce worker benefits and ignore worker rights.

Keep Ohio’s Heritage says studies have shown that states with similar measures have the highest unemployment rates in the country. These types of laws have also been proven to drive wages down at an average of nearly 14%.



  1. Pile of stinking poo. Right To Work States have a much higher employment rate.
    2 NEBRASKA 3.8 RTW
    4 VERMONT 4.1
    5 IOWA 4.6 RTW
    5 UTAH 4.6 RTW
    5 WYOMING 4.6 RTW
    8 HAWAII 4.7
    9 OKLAHOMA 5.0 RTW
    10 MINNESOTA 5.3
    10 NEW HAMPSHIRE 5.3
    10 VIRGINIA 5.3 RTW
    13 MONTANA 5.4
    14 KANSAS 5.7 RTW
    15 ALASKA 5.9
    16 IDAHO 6.2 RTW

    43 MICHIGAN 8.4
    44 DISTRICT OF C 8.5
    45 CALIFORNIA 8.6
    45 NEW JERSEY 8.6
    48 RHODE ISLAND 8.9
    49 ILLINOIS 9.1
    51 NEVADA 9.5

    Don’t Forget Texas has half of the jobs added since 2008 and they are ….. Right To Work.

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