Oklahoma LPFM meets its fate


FCCA local broadcaster filed a petition to deny the license renewal of Enid Public Radio Association’s KEIF-LP which led to a notice of apparent liability and a conditional license renewal. Not only was the noncom broadcasting commercials, per the complaint, it was doing so from an antenna located at a greater height than authorized.

The complaint came from Chisholm Trail Broadcasting, which the FCC said “demonstrated” that its charges were factual.

EPRA was hit with a $10K fine, and was granted a conditional license renewal, It was required to submit a report showing that it was broadcasting from 33 meters (108 feet) as authorized.

It also had to submit detailed reporting on its use of airtime in its fund-raising practices, as well as on its technical operations. The FCC said it had to submit within a report every 180 days until its next license grant containing “… (a) a list of all program underwriters and other persons or entities whose donations, payments, or contributions have been acknowledged on-air during the 180-day period of the report; (b) a list of the times and dates of all on-air announcements acknowledging donations, program underwriting, or other receipts of goods, services, or other consideration by Licensee; (c) the text of all on-air announcements listed in response to item (b); and (d) operating logs indicating that the Station has been operating at all times in compliance with its authorization and all applicable Commission technical rules.”

The station applied for an STA to operate from a different site at reduced power following a lightning strike in October 2010, but never filed any of the required reports. Then it didn’t get around to filing for a license renewal that should have been at the FCC 6/1/11 until 2/27/13.

The license is rescinded, the call letters deleted, and the licensee is ordered to maintain the visibility of its tower until it can be dismantled.