Old-fashioned AM-FM combo forming in northern Georgia


SoldIt will not be necessary to create a local ownership report for the deal that will pair WACF-FM Young Harris GA with WJUL-AM in nearby Hiawassee GA. There has never been an FCC prohibition on the venerable AM-FM combo.

The seller of the FM station is Mountain Community Radio LLC, headed by Arthur Karmgard.

The buyer is WJUL Radio Inc., headed by Jeffrey T. Batten.

The price is $270K cash.

The stations are located in the extreme northern portion of Georgia in the Chattahoochee National Forest, far removed from any rated territory. The two communities served by the stations are near Georgia’s border with North Carolina.

WACF is a Class A on 95.1 MHz with 200 W @ 1,585’.

WJUL is a Class C on 1230 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND.