Oldies, Consumers and Retail


MIB Reports OldiesIntroducing the Oldies study
This audience is a little difficult to pin down, due to the way BIGinsight conducts its survey. Whenradio pros think of Oldies, they usually have a fairly specific era in mind — music from the 50s and early 60s. But a consumer may think of oldies as anything that is not current — it could range from 90s music all the way back to Bach and Handel. But we suspect that the majority of survey respondents who checked off Oldies in this case were thinking of either Oldies as PDs think of it, or Classic Rock.

But don’t take our word for it — you’ll be able to see for yourself what this audience looks like when using this report. In the first section, you’lll find out the male/female breakdown and the age profile of those who checked off Oldies on the BIGinsight survey, along with their occupation, income and ethnic tendencies. the second section takes you through their media use habits, including which dayparts find them tuned into the radio and what they like to watch on TV. The final section breaks down retail habits, including information on what they buy and where. So go ahead and scroll down.

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