New Telos Broadcast Audio Processing Software Arrives


New OmniaSST broadcast audio software is now available from The Telos Alliance. It’s the first processor to support the Telos Alliance’s µMPX codec.

OmniaSST was designed by audio processing expert Hans van Zutphen in conjunction with the Omnia team.

The full-featured, professional software transforms Windows PCs into Omnia audio processors.

The µMPX codec is purpose-built for FM radio, and is able to transport high-quality multiplexed FM signals over a small 320kbps data pipe, greatly lowering bandwidth requirements.

“Reduced data requirements mean high-quality multiplexed audio and RDS signals can be directly routed over IP from a processor to a decoder application, opening tremendous possibilities for efficient MPX audio transport,” The Telos Alliance says.

OmniaSST includes purpose-built Omnia presets, FM pre-emphasis, stereo and RDS encoding, and shares the same FM reception-improving composite final clipper as found on the Omnia.9SG. Using an i7 class processor, latency can be reduced to as low as 5ms. Finally, a streamlined GUI means easy, intuitive operation.

Omnia SST is sold bundled with an integrated µMPX encoder and a single µMPX decoder license and retails for $1,395.