On A-B cutting radio spend…


Anheuser – Busch cutting its second half radio, reminds me of a decision made by Coca Cola in the early 60’s.  Coke left radio for one summer, a small company took a major position in radio, Pepsi.  Coke came back to radio but never regained it’s share loss. Guess I’m dating myself with this one.  Product segmentation helped but it was always check mate after that.

Television is wonderful reach vehicle but radio creates frequency in your prime targets, radio sells.  Forcing sampling and creating a call to action.    Hopefully the troops will invade St Louis and elsewhere.  When you say Bud you don’t necessarily say it all!  Oh yeah!  Don’t most folks drive to the store.   Thanks for listening. No pun intended.
Tony Potter
Vice President
Client Development
JL Media, Inc.


Coca Cola has done the same thing.  Less money for radio due to their
NASCAR commitment.

–Joe Sousa