On Arbitron…


“RBR/TVBR observation: We wait and wait for someone to show us the statute that gives the FCC any authority over media ratings. We wait…and wait…”

Arbitron is forcing PPM down the throats of hundreds of broadcasters, jacking up rates 60% during a recession, and apparently that’s ok as long as the government stays out of the matter. Rather than grumble about whether the FCC has authority, may we suggest that you ponder why there has never been an independent study of whether PPM is reliable or accurate.
In other countries broadcasters through their organizations have studied PPM and demanded proof that it works as advertised. That’s why Arbitron has had a hard time selling PPM outside of the US. Foreign broadcasters have found serious problems.
Where’s the NAB and RAB in this matter? What independent organization has evaluated PPM and declared it accurate and reliable? And don’t count on MRC. We have no idea what goes on there since they operate in secrecy. The bar for accreditation is incredibly low, and none of the technical aspects of PPM enter into whether PPM receives accreditation.
Please take a moment to learn about the problems with PPM. Go to www.radioinsights.com and learn why the Inquiry is needed.
Richard Harker
Harker Research

RBR/TVBR observation: Led by Clear Channel’s RFP a few years back, several major broadcasters had hoped to do exactly what Harker suggests – have an industry consortium determine what audience measurement system is best for the US radio industry. Unfortunately, then-CBS Radio CEO Joel Hollander broke ranks and signed a contract for PPM. The united effort fell apart as Arbitron refused to participate any longer and pressed ahead with deployment of PPM.