On Boston Med: Deadly Tumor and an Inconceivable Brian Surgery


On Boston Med: A Deadly Tumor, A Young Father, An Inconceivable Brian Surgery. Plus: Meet Two Pompous, Yet Promising Surgical Interns. And: A Challenging Moment for Mass General’s Amanda Grabowski

Will Curry is a second generation African-American surgeon. He has trained at top institutions and is an attending surgeon at one of the nation’s best hospitals, but that doesn’t stop a patient from mistaking him for a janitor. In this episode, Curry performs a nearly inconceivable brain surgery on a young father with a tumor that will kill him if it is not removed. Episode 3 of “Boston Med” airs THURSDAY, JULY 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Plus: Andrew “Bardouche” ElBardissi and Rick Reish are both first year surgical interns and best friends. A supremely confident rookie, ElBardissi is hazed by the senior doctors training him, but shows great technical promise as a surgeon and cares deeply about patients. Rick carries himself as though he is already an accomplished professional, but some patients don’t see him the same way. Several comical encounters ensue despite his obvious compassion.

And: Amanda Grabowski returns in this episode in a traumatic case that leaves her unsettled. We also learn about her personal life and her yearning to find someone to share it with her. Possibilities emerge as her story continues.

Picking up where “Hopkins” left off, “Boston Med” travels to a city renowned for medical excellence and home to three superb American hospitals: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Children’s Hospital. Over four months, ABC cameras had unparalleled access to hospital staffs and patients. From operating rooms to end-of-life meetings, “Boston Med” explores the culture of doctors and nurses and the conversations that happen outside the patient’s earshot. This unsparing look at the ups and downs of hospital care holds many surprises for viewers.

Terence Wrong is producer and executive producer. Rudy Bednar is senior executive producer. Sedika Mojadidi and Carl Hansen are supervising producers of “Boston Med.”

(source: ABC)