On Chrysler and 2009 models equipped with Internet


Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media has a comment on our observation in yesterday’s story about Chrysler offering wireless Internet access in 2009 models (6/26/08 RBR #125):

“In theory, you’re right.  But not if radio doesn’t produce a clean, high quality streaming experience.  And not if the unlistenable content that fills in for commercial breaks isn’t improved.  And not if the streams are buffering, phasing, or simply not on the same par with other Internet audio  And not if radio stations don’t effectively promote their streams – and how and when to listen to them – on their broadcast stations. 

Radio needs to "test drive" its streams if it hopes to be in the game. The Chrysler announcement – and similar ones that will surely follow – should motivate broadcasters to address their streaming problems if radio’s better-known brands are going to become major players in in-car Internet radio.”