On newspaper ads against radio…


The way I see it’ Newspapers Should Run MORE Attack Ads against Local Radio.

Tribune newspapers recent radio attack ads on Long Island and Los Angeles are exactly what Radio needs to raise advertiser awareness of radio benefits. I hope they run more! Why?

There is nothing that will galvanize radio operators more against local newspaper revenue than full page newspaper ads taking shots at local radio stations. This will,

1. Incentivize radio station managers to respond on air with real points of differentiation verses newspapers and their rapidly shrinking circulation.

2. Local retailers will hear what radio does best.

3. Instead of going after each other’s radio stations, radio operators will go after the real local money in the market…….Print! 

4. Copy suggestions using words describing newspaper usage including "bird cage" and "fish" will wish they never started this war of perception.

I’m betting on the broadcasters in this one!

Bill (Fig) Figenshu