On Nielsen proposing Live + SD primary stream


Kathy Crawford, Project Reinvention member and former MindShare President/Local Broadcast, commented on our story that The Nielsen Company is proposing to make Live + Same Day the primary ratings data stream in Local People Meter and Set Meter markets. The plan is to make Live + Same Day the primary stream, effective in December, with some other changes as well:

“Live ratings are clearly in the client’s interest.  Live plus same day is in the stations’ interest and we know who pays the bill.  At the same time, we must acknowledge that as Janice Finkel Greene said, a couple of tenths are not going make a big difference.  But, the stations need all the help they can get and no one wants to look at what is really happening here.  Clients, however, will not come back to Spot TV if what they pay for doesn’t pay off.  It is the job of the agency to put the client’s money in the position of the greatest payoff – that’s Live.”