On Panama going with HD Radio


I see where the latest HiDeaf Praise Report is Panama’s adoption of High Deaf format of On Band and In Someone Else Channel Broadcasting. We (my dogs and cats, gun collection and escape pod planning team) applaud the decision given there are so few other jammer choices. Recently wrote you on the digital interference issues at 92.7 Radio in Florida. Seems there are “hush. Don’t ax and do not tell” points to running a HiDeaf operation that prevent giving out info negative to the operation. So the secret that everyone already knows is being passed around the secret game table once more to determine just how foolish the final answer will be by the time it reaches home base for the 3rd time.

Let’s just say that the attempt to kill dying radio and TV with foreign money products requiring the gen-pub to buy new radios and HD TVs is failing as part of the wholesale failure of the auto industry, the consumer products profiteers and the illusionists who’ve become CEOs and programmers with duplicate idea copycatisms worldwide. Last night I watched a 13yr old and a 28 year old scanning the web for vinyl music product and their delight at hearing relatively bad LPs and 45 records played back via the internet and their  ability to hear the distinct improvement in quality via this source delivery. Proof there are remnants of survivalists who, having discovered the freedom of quality and choice, will never stand for IPOD, squeeze zoom video or special proprietary solutions to digital distribution problems. They could grow in numbers as interference increases across the spectrum.

It does seem practical that the debate about 3rd adjacent FM interference and the deluge of requests for LPFM stations are now silly to stop given that HiDeaf carriers clearly interfere out to the 3rd dial spot from each digital station anyway. I had a station off the air in bad weather yesterday and got a whiff of intermod from 2-3 miles away to our dead channel from the master antenna in Jax Fla due to HiDeaf carriers summing and differing with each other, coupled with good old analog audio. It was very well received up to 5 miles from the shared antenna system right on top our vacate spot the whole day long. This is another FCC debacle, dare we mention the beer-chugging NAB, when no one predicted nor objected to obscene digital pulses feeding into conventional broadband ports that will severely interfere with other FM and AM signals on free radios everywhere because of the well known intermod rules when tuning across the radio dial. Where are the hungry lawyers and hurting radio folks? What we have here are hidden warranty issues and a world of expanding interference realms beyond investor imaginations.

Oh yeah, I forget that the digital consortium controls the majority of the remaining medium and large markets in the USSA. OK, what about the minority folks? Or are they seeking free use of those HiDef 3 and 4 channels to promote their own agendas in reparation deals already in the deposit boxes? If for some reason I sound angry or disgruntled, that is just not the case. I’m more confused, confounded and wondering why many of us spent so many years loving and enjoying our jobs to have them taken right along with our culture and values at the same time. Which did come first, the chicken who runs the radio station or the egg that hatched him into that spot-the stock holders. They all belong to the bailout government anyway. So the taking of the US Census Bureau might be a prelude to the taking of the broadcast spectrum, the web and satellite radio at the same time. Suppose they’ll jam CB Radio or just make us go Low Digital to slow our risk as patriots?

— by Jerry Smith, engineering consultant