On performance royalties


NAB, RIAA and others are appearing before the House Judiciary Committee to testify over performance royalties for broadcasters.  I also see where Pamal Broadcasting is in trouble for accepting Payola to play records on the air. [Editor’s note: The company did not admit any wrongdoing, but signed a consent agreement.] Let’s see if I get this straight – the record labels are willing to bribe us to play their product so they can collect performance royalties from us to play their product.  Did I miss something here?  It obviously is not about the musicians and artists … it’s about greed on the part of the record labels.  (We’ll sucker you in to play our product and force you to pay us to play our product – the best of both worlds.)  Hopefully Congress will see through this sham.

Bill Lakatas
Station Manager
Tamaqua-Lansford, PA