On the DTV delay legislation….


Five good reasons to NOT delay the DTV switch.
1) It’s only TV and there are much more pressing problems that need attention. TV is not the priority that congress makes it out to be. Fix the economy stupid – now not when it’s convenient. How about working on a Saturday even !!!
2) TV stations were counting on the energy savings – the delay might push a few stations closer to the abyss or into it.
3) The safety & law enforcement people really need their new frequencies now. Wouldn’t it be nice for police & fire & EMS to be on the same bandwidth etc that can penetrate a steel & concrete bldg.?
4) The 2 markets Hawaii & Wilmington switched and it seemed pretty routine.
5) There actually are people who do not own or care to watch TV. Are they counted in the magic numbers ???
Please contact your Congressmen & Senators so that we do THE people’s urgent business not this frivolous stuff called TV.
Dan Viles
General Manager
CANNY Inc. (Cable Ad Net NY)