Once again, a label professes its love for radio


Car RadioDemi Lovato has just attained a sought-after goal – a single ascending to #1 on the radio charts. And even though the labels have been fighting radio for playing their music without compensation, Hollywood Records bragged about its tenaciousness in promoting that ascension.

Hollywood Records is part of the Disney Music Group.

Here’s what DMG had to say:

“Multi-platinum Hollywood Records recording artist, Demi Lovato, has scored her first # 1 radio single with her smash hit “Give Your Heart A Break.” The song is #1 at both Media Base and BDS in the Top 40 format. The single shipped to radio last December and steadily grew with the efforts of Hollywood Records’ tenacious promotion staff, as well as several high profile TV appearances, magazine covers, sales initiatives, online marketing, and licensing placements.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Let’s all say it one more time. Significant airplay is one of the best things that a piece of music can get. Sure, there are other ways to promote music, and Hollywood is to be congratulated for taking a holistic approach to supporting its artist. But none beat airplay for focus, reach and repetition. With significant radio airplay, music sells. The airplay is its own reward.

And once again, here we have a label, not a radio company, telling us about it. If the record industry would simply read its own promotional material, there would be no broadcast performance royalty controversy, and the radio and recording industries would go back to working to each others benefit as they have for decades.