One good CP deserves another


Ever wonder what the difference is between a Class A FM and a Class C3 in dollar terms? We have a window into that question, but you have to factor in the fact that we’re discussing noncommercial CPs in a rural Rocky Mountain setting. The answer in this case is $30K. That’s the cash amount changing hands in what otherwise is a straight swap. Cedar Cove Broadcasting will trade Class C3 KMPZ-FM CP Salida CO to Cheyenne Mountain Public Broadcast House in exchange for a Class A licensed to Salida which as yet does not have calls, and a $30K kicker. KMPZ is scheduled to be located at 88.1 MHz on the dial, with 200 w @ 2,713’. The CP is headed for 89.7 MHz with 33 w @ 2,712’. They are located within a second of one another. KMPZ’s coordinates are N38 26 48 W106 0 36, compared to N38 26 47 W 106 0 37 for the 89.7 facility. So there you have it. And if you’re looking for another way to quantify the difference, it works out to $179.64 per watt.