‘One Life To Live’ Bo and Nora did it but it is only the beginning


Bo and Nora reunited and probably one of the best couples that have fun. But ‘One Life To Live’ is no ordinary place and last week was another example of suspense.

We start with last Monday- David Vickers offers to perform Bo and Nora’s wedding ceremony.  After a long series of mishaps, Nora finally arrives at the church and Bo and Nora are married. Everyone goes to the Palace for the wedding reception. Matthew stays behind at the church with Danielle, who breaks it to him that she cares about him a lot but does not love him.  Natalie and Brody make a pact to keep their drunken sexual encounter a secret from John and Jessica. Rex and Gigi continue to connect. Rex agrees to stop searching for his biological father.  Rex and Gigi almost kiss but are interrupted. Kelly enlists David’s help to distract Shaun so she can spend time alone with Reed.

Tuesday-Alone after the wedding, Bo and Nora agree that they would have married each other no matter what. Lindsay sends Bo and Nora a personalized license plate from Statesville.  Gigi and Rex admit they still love each other. They agree to take things slow and start over. Brody reveals that he almost gave up on Jessica. He vows that he will always fight for her.  Brody and Jessica make love. John wants a do-over with Natalie.  He reads the letter of love she wrote to him.  He insists that if she hadn’t put her love for him out there, he’d never have known.  John and Natalie make love.  Reed and Kelly try to make love but get distracted. Blair and Eli have a raucous lovemaking session. 

Wednesday- Ford remains unresponsive in ICU while Markko remains in jail for his attempted murder.  Hannah visits Ford and tells her unconscious ex that he got what he deserved.  Langston tells John she’s the one who tried to kill Ford. A young stranger, James tells a nurse he wants to see Ford and reveals he is Ford’s brother. Marty questions Todd asking him to tell her honestly if he did or did not push her. Dorian is visited by Mrs. Rivera, who attacks Dorian as a mother and leaves Dorian shaken. Charlie comforts Dorian with a hug that leaves her surprisingly affected. 

Thursday- Langston confesses to John that she went back to Ford’s apartment the night of his attack only to be rebuffed.  Langston claims that she then picked up Ford’s award and struck him with it. At the hospital, Ford is visited by his younger brother, James. Ford wakes up. Marty tries to find out for herself if Todd’s suspicions about Hannah are correct. Viki receives a visit from David, who offers his services to even the score with Dorian and Charlie.  Dorian and Charlie are caught in a compromising position. 

Friday- Markko is thrown by Langston’s confession.  Knowing Langston’s lying to save Markko John decides to release both teens from custody. John visits Ford and asks if he knows who assaulted him. Kelly hires Jessica at the newspaper.  James explains to Ford that he was the victim of an attempted murder. James gets nervous when he sees an imposing man at the hospital circulating his picture and runs off.  Tea is disappointed to learn that there has been little change in the size of her tumor.  Todd sneaks into Greg’s office where he gets his hands on Tea’s medical file. Charlie and Dorian want to know why half-clad David has his hands all over Viki.  David presses Dorian about her inappropriate behavior with Charlie. Viki hires David to work for her.

VCR Alerts  as this is what is on tap for next week

Monday, 6/14  
Starr and Hope are carjacked.
Dani and Nate find a bag full of cash.
Todd rushes to Tea’s side.

Tuesday, 6/15  
Ford corroborates Markko and Langton’s story.
Jessica worries her alternate personalities hurt Ford.
Is Matthew in over his head when it comes to women?
Wednesday, 6/16 
Starr graduates from high school.
Nate worries about the money he found.
James receives a threatening phone call.

Thursday, 6/17 
Will Cole be released on bail?
Todd accompanies Tea to her radiation treatment.
Langston deal with her guilt over Markko.

Friday, 6/18  
John finds Hannah threatening Marty.
Ford tells John he remembers everything about his attack.
James hides at Viki’s cabin while Nate puts the money he found to good use.    

(source: ABC)