Monday-John questions Ford about his newfound recollection of the night of his attack.  Ford identifies Hannah as his attacker.  Ford receives a mysterious call and says he did as he was told and shifted suspicion toward Hannah. Jessica continues to voice her doubts to Brody about the implication that she (or Tess or Bess) is the responsible party that attacked Ford.  Looking for Starr, Bull questions Hannah, but Hannah pumps Bull for information and learns that Starr has run off with James. Kelly and Reed grow apart. Reed breaks a vase and Kelly discovers something that was hidden inside.

Tuesday- Todd tells Tea they should tell Dani the truth about her condition and Tea agrees. Dani walks in on Todd and Tea in bed.  Dani apologizes for being mean to Tea, and says that if Tea and Starr believe in Todd, maybe he didn’t push Marty down the stairs after all. Kelly finds a piece of paper from a shattered vase with the name Bennett Thompson. Todd kisses Kelly and the both agree it was a mistake. John and Brody get access to Hannah’s Dorm Room and find evidence of her obsession with Cole and Ford. Hannah deceives Cole saying that Star has been hiding a relationship with James from him. Starr tells James she’ll give him the fifty thousand to pay back the debt he owes his father. Jessica tells Natalie about how she almost cheated on Brody with Ford. 

Wednesday- As James and Starr prepare to leave the cabin they find David Vickers. Hannah leads Cole to a beach house under the pretense of knowing where Starr and James have gone.  Hannah plants evidence that suggests that Starr and James slept together. Hannah discovers that she’s wanted in connection with Ford’s attack. Dorian, Blair and Langston are concerned about Starr’s whereabouts.  Eli warns Marty that if Cole doesn’t show up soon and is out of jurisdiction, he’ll be in trouble for jumping bail. Todd is convinced that Hannah attacked Marty and pinned it on him.  Langston confronts Ford about their relationship. Dorian squelches plans for Viki and Charlie.

Thursday- Starr tries to get money for James by selling her car. Cole gets lured deeper into Hannah’s trap. Cole surprises Hannah with a kiss. Matthew is upset to see Dani and Nate growing closer. Matthew tells Bull he knows who has his money.  When Layla takes Cristian for a picnic at the quarry, Cris points out they have yet again aborted a trip to Maryland to tell Layla’s mother about their engagement. Rex takes Gigi for a walk and finds the metal case abandoned by James. Charlie arrives at the cabin and discovers David unconscious on the floor. 

Friday- James coaxes Starr into another controversial act and they steal a car from the dealership and take off. Bull is surprised to learn from Matthew that his treasure is in Nate’s possession. James and Starr contact Bull to set up a meeting that they may hand over the car in lieu of the cash. Cole comes close to giving in to temptation with Hannah but ultimately pulls back, not wanting to use Hannah to get back at Starr.  Hannah lets Cole know she’s developing feelings for him. Blair and Todd work together to track down Starr at the car dealership.  The dealer surprises Todd and Blair with a story about Starr’s complicity in the theft of the car. 

VCR Alerts  up coming this week:

Monday, 6/28  
John and Natalie work together.
Bull holds Nate hostage.
Dani shocks Todd when she asks him for help.

Tuesday, 6/29     
Gigi is hiding something from Rex.
Starr and James crash the stolen car.
Will Todd give Dani what she’s asking for?

Wednesday, 6/30 
Todd takes matters into his own hands.
Will Hannah tell Cole the truth?
Ford talks to a mysterious caller.

Thursday, 7/1  
James draws Starr into a passionate kiss.
Tea collapses.
Bo and Nora make a shocking discovery.

Friday, 7/2  
Will Jessica tell Brody about her encounter with Ford on prom night?
John arrests Hannah.
Will Todd’s need to protect his two daughters?

(source: ABC)