'One Life To Live' John, Bo, Nora gathering evidence against Eli


OLTL is now starting to heat as time is running out to get Eli. Here’s what is going to happen this week on One Life To Live:

Monday, 8/16  
Blair reveals to Eli that Kelly thinks he’s a murderer.
Jessica confronts Ford about having sex with her.
David and Dorian argue, then kiss.

Tuesday, 8/17  
Starr is upset that Langston has accepted a date with James.
Tea talks to Greg about her decision to shut Todd and Dani out of her final days.
John hauls Ford off for questioning.

Wednesday, 8/18 
Will Ford tell John what he know about Eli?
Brody walks in on Jessica as she’s calling her OB inquiring about a paternity test.
Eli & Blair and David & Dorian decide to have a double wedding. 

Thursday, 8/19          
Unaware of Fords connection to Eli, Inez calls him to help her son.
David asks Bo to be his best man.
Cole tells Starr that Hannah is innocent.

Friday, 8/20          
John, Bo and Nora race to gather the evidence required to arrest Eli. 
John arrests Kelly.
Eli tells Blair there’s been a change of plans.

If you miss anything last week, here is a quick recap:

Monday-Tea asks Blair to be Dani’s mother and legal guardian after she dies and Blair accepts. Todd and Dani are unhappy with Tea’s decision to go to a hospice and die alone. Dani begs Todd to strong-arm her into letting them be with her for her final weeks. Todd decides they must respect Tea wishes and let her die the way she wants. Eli’s knocks out Cristian and takes the Bennett Thompson file.  Layla takes Cristian to the hospital to get checked out. Kelly attempts to do her own investigating into Eli. Natalie tells Brody she’s pregnant. Inez tells Nate that Ford and James are his brothers. 

Tuesday- Encore Episode of “General Hospital”

Wednesday- Todd and Danielle say their goodbyes to Tea. Téa compels Todd to be the best version of himself for Dani’s sake. Brody wonders if Natalie’s baby is his, but Natalie says she isn’t sure. Natalie confesses that she considered aborting the pregnancy but decided she couldn’t take the chance that she’d be giving up John’s baby. John wonders what’s taking Brody and Natalie so long at the crime scene. Viki and Charlie return from vacation and they find out about Jessica’s pregnancy. Kelly is forced to hide under the bed when Eli returns to his room at the Palace and texts Rex for help.  Eli shreds the Bennett Thompson file he stole from Cristian and Layla.

Thursday- Natalie tells John she wasn’t feeling well and was therefore forced to tell Brody she’s pregnant.   Natalie sees that John is embracing the idea of having their baby. Rex and Kelly return to La Boulaie with the shredded documents they stole from Eli’s room.  Rex suggests that Natalie can help piece the documents together with her forensics experience and equipment. Inez tells Bo she took his advice and told her three sons the truth. Ford and James discuss the upset with Inez and Nate. Starr visits Langston and tells her about James and his feelings for her. Todd becomes increasingly upset over Tea. Nate tells Dani what happened when his mother introduced him to his brothers.  They comfort each other and Dani urges Nate to try to work things out with his mother.

Friday- Jessica tells Ford she wants to know once and for all if they slept together. Gigi promises Brody she’ll never tell anyone he and Natalie slept together. Rex tells Kelly that Natalie will do what she can to piece together the shredded documents. John questions Eli about Hannah’s suicide attempt. Eli reminds Hannah to keep her mouth shut if she wants Cole to be safe.  Cole tells John he has doubts about Hannah’s story. John gets Hannah alone and says they need to talk about Eli. James asks Langston on a date and she accepts. 

(source: ABC)