'One Life To Live' Layla holds the key to Eli's demise


Monday- After drugging Rex, Eli manipulates records to put an end to Rex’s investigation. Evangeline’s mother, Layla and Cristian agree to honor her wishes by taking her off life support. Jessica and Brody continue to celebrate the news of their pregnancy.  Natalie explains to Gigi her decision to have an abortion.  Gigi urges Natalie to sleep on it before making an irrevocable decision. Blair referees the escalating battle between Dorian and David, who insist they are not now nor have they ever really been in love. Blair tells Dorian about her engagement to Eli. Blair plans to surprise Eli with a visit, unaware that he’s lied about his whereabouts. 

Tuesday- Téa checks items off her bucket list during a trip to New York with Todd, Danielle and Nate. Starr and Cole talk about Hannah and prepare for Cole’s first day of trial for attacking Todd. Cole admits he almost slept with Hannah and Starr is upset. Cole confesses that he doesn’t entirely believe Hannah’s confession. Eli lies to Blair that he was in New York buying her an engagement ring. In Boston, Kelly finds Rex just waking up after having passed out from being drugged and they discover a file has been left for him at the front desk. 

Wednesday- Tea and Dani are still in New York, but realize Todd made the trip possible and head back to be in the courtroom when he testifies in Cole’s trial. Being forced by the judge to prosecute Cole, Nora hopes to find a way to help him. Todd will be her first witness and she expects him to tear Cole to shreds. As the trail begins, Todd has a change of heart. Eli intercepts a call from Hannah to Cole and threatens her. Inez worries that she will lose her home.  Nate talks to Bo and apologizes for all he’s done. After an upsetting meeting with Ford, Inez gets pulled over by Bo for driving erratically. Rex and Kelly run into a road block when trying to get the correct documents at the Hall of Records in Boston.

Thursday- Kelly tells John about her and Rex’s strange adventure in Boston. Eli finds Hannah begging for Ford’s help over the phone. Ford’s troubled by Hannah’s call, but tells Eli she didn’t say anything of importance to him. Natalie talks to John who pressures her to tell him what’s bothering her. Natalie says she’s worried something will happen to ruin Jessica’s happiness.  Gigi asks Natalie if she still wants to go through with the abortion. Eli suggests to Blair they get married tonight. Inez confides in Bo that she’s guilt-ridden for abandoning her two older boys and now wrecking her youngest son’s life. Ford gets his test results back in front of Langston. Dorian’s incensed when David claims he’s in a relationship. Brody asks Jessica to marry him. 

Friday- Kelly gets onto the fact that John suspects Eli may be Bennett Thompson when she discovers him sending a photo of Eli to the clerk at the Boston Hall of Records. Eli urges Blair to elope with him in Las Vegas.  Jack tells Blair he’s not going to let her run off and get married. Hannah implores Ford to join forces with her to expose Eli. Eli pulls a gun on Hannah. Todd tells Starr that Tea is dying and they plan on getting married immediately. Clint says he will play the part of Dorian’s beau if she does a favor for BE in her mayoral capacity.  Each trying to prove the other is lying about their new flames, David and Dorian suggest a double date. 

Set your VCR as this is what is next on OLTL 

Monday, 8/2  
Jack does his best to stop Blair’s upcoming nuptials to Eli.
Eli forces Hannah to swallow a bottle of pills.
Natalie ponders a hard decision.

Tuesday, 8/3   
Kelly tells Blair she thinks Eli is a murderer.
Will Tea and Todd finally get married?
Cole worries about Hannah.

Wednesday, 8/4 
Will Natalie tell John she’s pregnant?
After taking a bottle of pills, will Cole be able to save Hannah in time?
Blair thinks Kelly is jealous of her relationship.

Thursday, 8/5  
Tea health continues to decline.         
Bo hires Inez as his assistant.
Unaware, Layla holds the key to Eli’s demise.

Friday, 8/6  
Cristian is attacked by Eli.
Tea tells Todd and Dani she only has weeks to live.
James asks Starr is he has a shot with her.

(source: ABC)