‘One Life To Live’ Starr faces off with Hannah


Let’s take a look see what is going to happen starting today

Monday, 5/03  Starr faces off with Hannah.
    Marty confronts Todd.
    Tea receives some life altering news.

Tuesday, 5/04  Todd refuses to let Danielle push him away.
   Will Blair discover Tea’s secret?
   Dorian suspects Kelly’s hiding something.

Wednesday, 5/05 Nora goes to bat for Cole. Will it get her in trouble?
Tea’s in turmoil.
   Rex sets out on a mission with Gigi by his side.

Thursday, 5/06 Will Cole catch a break?
    Todd and Starr put their heads together.
   Tea finds an unexpected ally in Blair.

Friday, 5/07  Will Tea come clean with Todd?   
   Is this the end for Cole and Starr?
   Blair sees things in a new light.

VCR Alerts

Monday, 5/17  “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part II
    Will Marty’s guilt get the best of her?
    Will Starr get her prom night wish?

Tuesday, 5/18  “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part III
Will Markko discover Langston’s duplicity?
   Jessica gets an unpleasant surprise.
   Marty is certain about what the future holds for her and John.

Wednesday, 5/19 Natalie fears she’s made a mistake.
Brody reveals a shocking secret to Jessica.
   Layla shares her wisdom with Starr.

Thursday, 5/20 Natalie is surprised with a kiss.
    Will Jessica fall for Ford’s charms?
   Blair helps Tea hide her condition from Dani.

Friday, 5/21  Jessica has a breakthrough.   
   Rex and Gigi get the break they need.
   John fights for the woman he wants in his life.

(source: ABC)