‘One Life To Live’ Todd has Hannah followed; Why?


But to find out why Todd has Hannah followed a quick rewind. The saga continues as of Monday- At the airport John declares his feelings to Natalie. John explains that what she witnessed with Marty was a goodbye kiss.  Natalie does not tell john about sleeping with Brody. Jessica tells Brody that she has recovered her lost memories. Langston confesses to having lied to Starr about the length and nature of her relationship with Ford.  Starr reels and holds Langston accountable, but ultimately will not abandon her friend.  An angry Markko seeks refuge at Buenos Dias remembering the way in which Ford rubbed his sexual conquest in Markko’s face.  Ford is bludgeoned and left for dead.  Penny gets Rex and Gigi released from jail.  They look inside the mysterious box and find an old photograph that leads them to wonder if the answers about Rex’s parents can be found near a mountain in the Sangre De Cristo range, Wheeler Peak.

Tuesday- Cristian and Layla find Ford lying in a pool of blood.  The EMTs arrive.  Markko visits the ER with a sprained wrist and sees Ford rushed in. Blair accompanies Tea for her first radiation treatment, and though she is tired, Tea insists on going to court to represent Todd at his arraignment.  Natalie is thrilled by the news that Jessica has recovered her memories.  When asked what may have triggered the event, Jessica leaves out the information about her experience with Ford. 

Wednesday- Upon hearing about Ford, Dorian covers for Langston afraid she might be involved and later confronts her about the situation. Cristian comes to the hospital to see how Ford’s doing and encounters Markko.  Cristian tells him that he and Layla had to give a statement to the cops
about Markko and how upset he last they saw him.  Cristian warns him that if Ford dies Markko could be arrested for murder.  During Todd’s arraignment, things get heated when Tea tries to get the charges against Todd dropped.  Nora is vehemently opposed.  The judge doesn’t drop the charges but agrees to let Todd out on bail.  Rex and Gigi locate the cabin from the picture and find a cache of letters that give clues as to who Rex’s parents are.

Thursday- Todd calls a henchman and tells him to find Hannah before the police do. Langston insists to Dorian that she didn’t do anything to Ford.  Jessica sees the news report about Ford and wonders if she did it.  John asks Markko what happened to his hand and Markko admits he punched Ford because he was sleeping with Langston. Markko tells them he spent the night alone at the Buenos Dias.  Rex and Gigi have learned that Rex’s parents, Rick and Lili, never saw each other after their brief romance in Santa Fe. 
Friday- Markko and Langston sweat it out separately as the LPD’s investigation into the attempt on Ford’s life heats up.  Markko seeks legal representation from Téa.  Markko is placed under arrest. Todd’s hired henchman arrive at his office with Hannah bound and gagged.  Jessica pumps Brody for information about Ford’s condition.    Jessica apologizes to Cristian for the trouble she caused him and Layla. 

Next Week on OLTL:

Monday, 5/31   Encore Episode.   

Tuesday, 6/1 Nora asks Viki to be her maid of honor. 
    Todd has Hannah followed.
    Starr defends Todd.

Wednesday, 6/2  Bo and Nora’s wedding day is filled with many surprises!
    Roxy makes a big mistake.
    Something is making a stink at the church. 

Thursday, 6/3   Bo and Rex get a surprise visitor.
    A fire breaks out at Foxy Roxy’s.
    Destiny gives Dani an ultimatum.

Friday, 6/4     Bo sees red.
    Who will officiate Bo and Nora’s wedding?
    Bo and Nora get a vintage look.

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