‘One Life To Live’ Todd hires a henchman


Last week on ‘One Life To Live’:  and coming this week – Monday- Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical Part II. An unhappy Starr tries to be cheerful as everyone excitedly gathers for the prom. While reflecting on her and Cole’s distance, a police car pulls up and out walks Cole to take her to the prom. Natalie frets to Roxy that she should never have written John that letter and worries that he will never show up at Rodi’s to meet her. Marty’s gives John Natalie’s letter. At the prom Jessica stuffs the ballot box for the king and queen naming Cristian and herself as elected prom royalty. Langston finds Ford and Karen in the throes of sex.  Matthew kisses Dani. 

Tuesday- Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical Part III. Starr is surprised by Cole’s sudden appearance courtesy of the LPD.  Darren takes the stage to announce the king and queen of the prom and Cristian and Jessica win the royal honors. Layla walks out on Cristian.  Jessica is pleased, only to be shocked when Cristian walks out on her.  When the prom is over most of the kids enjoy a bite to eat at the Buenos Dias.  Markko walks in on Ford and Langston mid-kiss.  Jessica walks in on Cristian proposing to Layla. Starr and Cole enjoy a dance alone in the gym. Natalie leaves Rodi’s to go to John’s office where he is reading the letter she left for him.  Marty and John break up. They share a goodbye kiss that is witnessed and misinterpreted by Natalie.

Wednesday-John searches for Natalie but she is gone.  Cristian and Layla celebrate their engagement. Jessica is devastated by the news of Cristian and Layla’s engagement. Brody reveals a shocking secret to Jessica in hopes that it will restore her memories. Markko is devastated when Ford admits that he and Langston have been sleeping together.

Thursday-Natalie tells Brody her plan failed. John didn’t show up at Rodi’s and she’s leaving town.  Natalie and Brody share details of their awful nights and of the final rejection by the people they love.  Feeling sad, lonely, hurt, and in need of comfort, Natalie and Brody come together in a kiss. Ford comforts Jessica about Cristian and leads her to his bedroom. Langston and Markko have it out about Langston’s infidelity and he walks out on her. Tea is about to share a secret with Blair when she’s hit by a searing headache. After a kiss, Matthew tells Dani he loves her. 

Friday- Brody and Natalie drunkenly succumb to their mutual misery and have sex. Post-sex, Natalie and Brody are stunned by what they’ve done.  They quickly realize that their deed came out of pain and grief over having lost John and Jessica.  Natalie’s feelings about leaving Llanview are unchanged.   John finds himself face-to-face with Natalie at the airport. Jessica rebuffs Ford’s advances upon remembering Jessica finds Brody’s medals on the ground and her memories come rushing back to her.  Rex and Gigi are languishing in a jail cell.  Penny arrives and hands them the box they were trying to procure from the jewelry shop. Cristian and Layla share news of their engagement with Carlotta.  Reed and Kelly’s share a lingering goodnight kiss.

Get ready for next week with these VCR Alerts 

Monday, 5/24  John makes a surprising declaration to Natalie. .
   Will Langston finally tell Starr the truth?
   Rex and Gigi look inside a mysterious box.

Tuesday, 5/25     Cristian and Layla come upon a shocking scene.
   Tea insists on representing Todd.
   Markko ends up in the ER with a sprained wrist.

Wednesday, 5/26 Dorian covers for Langston.
   Tea tries to get the charges against Todd dropped.
    Gigi and Rex find more clues.

Thursday, 5/27 Todd hires a henchman to find Hannah. 
   Langston insists she innocent.
   John interrogates Markko.

Friday, 5/28    A horrified Langston watches as Markko is taken into custody.
   Todd shows Hannah that she is messing with the wrong person.
Jessica apologizes to Cristian.

(source: ABC)