No matter what you can always count on Todd to be himself and care only about Todd. But Todd must make a choice between Starr and Dani.

Monday- James makes arrangements to meet Bull and turn over the stolen car as payment for his debt.  Bull holds Nate hostage and demands that Dani retrieve the money from the bag they found.  Nate asks Dani to get the cashier’s check back from his mother and Dani asks Todd for help. Cops come in search of Hannah but she tells Cole the cops want to bust him for jumping bail.  Cole considers giving himself up but Hannah has another plan. Matthew wants to tell Dani that he ratted Nate out to Bull, but Dani blows him off. Natalie passes her forensics technician’s test and starts working for John.  He asks her to analyze the threads found at the scene of the crime against Marty. Bree announces that she wants Brody to be her father. 

Tuesday- Dani tells Todd the whole story about the money she found with Nate. Starr and James crash the stolen car and realize that their collateral for Bull has been wrecked. Gigi reveals to Viki that she wants to go to LU. Kelly try’s to find out who Bennett Thompson is and what he has to do with her mother’s death.  Rex helps Kelly work on the mystery of her mother’s murder. Dorian tries to have a heart-to-heart with Langston about Ford.    Langston and Ford have a heated discussion over the phone. Bree puts Brody and Jessica on the spot with her declaration that she wants him to be her daddy. 

Wednesday-John and Natalie work together to prove that Hannah is on the run with Cole. Cole considers whether to drop his search for Starr and return to Llanview before the cops find him. Cole runs into Cristian who has stopped with Layla at the motel on their way to Silver Spring. Layla receives a phone call from Ford seeking information about the search for Hannah. Hannah tells Cole that the cops are after her, not him, because she is believed to be Ford’s attacker. Ford tells a mysterious caller that he did as he was told and pointed suspicion at Hannah. Bull holds Nate hostage in the cabana.  Todd promises Dani her that he’ll make sure Nate is all right. Todd receives a call from Bull, who drops the bomb that the price for Nate’s release has shot upward to $500,000. Todd bumps into Blair at the pool before going to confront Bull at the cabana.

Thursday- Armed with the money and a gun Todd knocks at the cabana door, but Kelly discovers him before he can get inside to Nate and Bull. Todd tries to blow her off, but Kelly is insistent in wanting to know why he kissed her.  Once Kelly’s gone, Todd bursts into the cabana and finds it empty. Hannah admits to Cole she set up the scene at the Delaware beach house to make it appear as if James and Starr had sex as well as lying about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs. James draws Starr into a passionate kiss. Tea continues to keep from Dani the news about her health and when left alone Tea collapses. Blair admits to Dorian that she’s really falling for Eli. Matthew wakes to find a hung-over David with a hooker.  When Bo calls to say he and Nora have arrived at the airport, Matthew and David fly into action, cleaning and hiding all evidence of their outrageous bachelor behavior.  When Bo and Nora return, Nora marvels at how responsible Matthew and David were until the forgotten prostitute comes out of the bathroom. 

Friday-Bull tells Todd to meet him at an abandoned barn.  There, Bull plans on handing over Nate in exchange for Todd’s five hundred thousand dollars.  Dani wants to accompany Todd to the exchange but he won’t hear of it and insists she stay with Téa. At the barn James reveals himself to Bull and delivers the news that he doesn’t have the money.  Todd arrives at the barn and finds Starr.  Dani hides in the back of Todd’s SUV. John arrests Hannah for the attempt on Ford’s life. Cole tells John that Hannah lied about seeing Todd push Marty and Natalie blames her for doing it.  Hannah insists she didn’t attack Ford and didn’t hurt Marty.  Ford is confronted by the person who attacked him. Jessica tells Brody about prom night with Ford.  David, Dorian, Langston and Ford encounter each other at a fourth of July celebration.

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Monday, 7/5  Encore Episode

Tuesday, 7/6      
Todd must make a choice between Starr and Dani.
Hannah tries to make a deal.
Does Rex have any leads on Bennett Thompson?
Wednesday, 7/7 
Tea tells Dani about her cancer diagnosis.
James is rushed to the hospital. 
Will David and Dorian face the truth about their feelings for one another?

Thursday, 7/8  
Blair makes a promise to Tea.
Does Hannah really know who pushed Marty?
Starr and Cole come face to face.

Friday, 7/9  
Eli threatens Hannah.
David convinces Matthew to stay quite.
Cristian and Layla rush off to see Evangeline. 

(source: ABC)