One Life To Live watch as Ford identifies his attacker


Monday- Jessica reveals to Brody that she was with Ford on the night he was attacked. John questions Ford about who attacked him and Ford doesn’t remember.  Starr and hope are carjacked by James who is fleeing from the Hospital.  He stops along the roadside after he is certain that they aren’t being followed.  Starr demands to know why someone is after him.  He’s cryptic saying he has something a guy wants. Dani and Nate find a bag of money at the quarry and Nate takes it.  James comes looking for the bag to find it missing. Todd rushes to see Tea when he realizes that she is going to die from cancer. Matthew tells David that he and Dani broke up. David plans a night on the town for the both of them with two gorgeous women.

Tuesday- Todd and Téa have it out about her keeping her cancer a secret from him. Todd vows to stay at Téa’s side throughout her ordeal. John informs Brody and Jessica that Ford is awake and talking.  He was able to corroborate Markko and Langston’s accounts of the evening, but apparently does not remember who attacked him. Jessica worries that her memories of Mitch, prompted by Ford’s come-on caused Tess or Bess to make an appearance. David seeks to revitalize Matthew’s confidence with a night on the town with two escorts. It appears Matthew is on the verge of losing his virginity to a lady of the night. 

Wednesday- It is Starr and Langston’s Graduation Day. Dorian toasts the two young Cramer women who have overcome so much.  James gets a call from Bull who says he wants his money or Starr will pay. Todd wants to take Téa to her treatment, but she insists they go to Starr’s graduation. Destiny finds David and Matthew with two hookers. Nate has the money he found in his backpack at the gym and worries bad guys could be after it. After Starr gets her diploma someone grabs her and drags her away.

Thursday- Starr is forced away from her graduation ceremony and dragged to a classroom by James.  Starr demands to know why James is in trouble and he tells her he stole $50,000 from the man Bull works for. Langston talks to Blair about the guilt of what she did to Markko. Nate wants to give the 50,000 he found to his mother. Eli is able to arrange for a new bail hearing and successfully arrange for Cole’s release on bail. Everyone is surprised when Cole arrives at the graduation party looking for Starr. Todd accompanies Tea to her radiation treatment and continues to give her his support. 

Friday- While Cole and Langston try to figure out where Starr is, Starr takes James to hide at Viki’s cabin. James tells Starr he stole the money from his abusive father who has sent Bull after him.  He came to Llanview to find his brother Ford and try to get into LU. Cole and Hope have a happy reunion and Langston apologies to Cole about her affair with Ford.  Both Cole and Langston continue to grow increasingly anxious about Starr’s whereabouts. Nate gives his mother a check for the 50,000 he found so she can keep her house.  Dr. Levin assures Jessica that there are no signs of Tess/Bess having emerged to attack Ford. Ford tells John he remembers everything about the night of the attack. John witnesses Hannah threatening Marty and he questions her about the attack on Marty and Ford. Layla wants to go to Maryland and deliver the news to her mother about her engagement.

VCR Alerts  getting ready for this week on One Life To Live

Monday, 6/21  
Ford identifies his attacker.
Kelly and Reed grow apart.
Bull searches for Starr.

Tuesday, 6/22     
Dani walks in on Todd and Tea in bed.
Kelly finds a mysterious piece of paper.
John and Brody search Hannah’s dorm room.

Wednesday, 6/23 
Hannah plants evidence against Starr.
Will Cole be in trouble for jumping bail? 
Langston confronts Ford about their relationship. 

Thursday, 6/24 
Cole surprises Hannah with a kiss. 
Charlie finds David unconscious.
Matthew tells Bull he knows who has his money.

Friday, 6/25  
Will Starr help James steal a car?
Hannah tells Cole she has feelings for him.
Nate is in trouble.

(source: ABC)