One man’s view of Obama v. Fox


Obama administration is doing its best to discredit the veracity of Fox News so that the many flaws in their vetting process or their desire to have ACORN handle the Census, or various other discoveries Fox airs, lose their credibility. The Obama-supporting news organizations like MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, etc avoid any controversial stories and push the Obama agenda. Fox News Channel has commentary that follows news reporting and brings to light the deception and Chicagoland political maneuvering on various major stories  like ACORN or Van Jones, or healthcare bill issues. The tea parties got authentic coverage on Fox News Channel and were pilloried on the other news reports. We need to be wary of the WH attacks for next it will be the internet, and radio. This is a deliberate discrediting and all in the media need be concerned, not just Fox News Channel.

David S. Handler

Lafayette Hill PA