One-Net, DASDEC Platforms For EAS Messaging Compliance Get Upgrades


Monroe Electronics and its Digital Alert Systems subsidiary have completed a software upgrade to their One-Net and DASDEC platforms for advanced Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messaging compliance.

The new software, Version 3.1, gives One-Net and DASDEC customers the latest compliance mandates, operational improvements, and security features, as well as MPEG-DASH message playout.

The Version 3.1 upgrade is free to all current Version 3.0 users. All registered customers will be receiving an e-mail with download credentials.

“Much like EAS itself, things are constantly evolving,” Bill Robertson, VP/Business Development for Monroe Electronics and Digital Alert Systems, said. “The development of MPEG-DASH as a means to communicate the emergency message is one example of this constant evolution. At the same time, our customers are always finding new and more challenging ways to use our equipment. With Version 3.1, we continue our tradition of constant product improvement and feature enhancement. Our broad base of customers spans cable, broadcast TV, radio, IPTV, and industry, and we’re happy to be able to respond to their needs. Version 3.1 has something for every type of facility.”

Version 3.1 makes DASDEC and One-Net the first EAS and CAP platforms to support MPEG-DASH message playout.

Additionally, the internal MPEG-2 encoder now includes an option switch to provide a constant stream to maintain continuity with downstream encoders and other devices.

Importantly, Version 3.1 includes a critical update for emergency alert authentication to address changes made by national authorities in both the U.S. and Canada. This is an essential update that includes the latest FEMA IPAWS and Pelmorex NAAD digital certificates, which are required to ensure proper validation and authentication of emergency alert messages.

Version 3.1 also supports the new upgrades to Custom Message Pro. Customers who have the older Custom Message Plus option will be automatically upgraded to Custom Message Pro as part of the Version 3.1 upgrade.

Customers upgrading from older versions will need to purchase a Version 3.0 enabling key before installing Version 3.1.