One Platform Management for On-Air and Digital Ads


A key provider of enterprise revenue management and digital software products has released an all-in-one platform designed to give radio broadcasters the power to increase revenue — and amplify their existing advertising programs through the sale of third-party digital advertising.

Introducing Marketron NXT, which is now available in the U.S.

“While traditional advertising spend has been in a slow decline, the digital advertising marketplace is huge and growing rapidly,” said Marketron CEO Jim Howard (pictured).

He adds that Marketron NXT is built specifically for radio stations and harbors the ability to manage integrated radio and digital campaigns from proposal to invoice.

It includes proposal-creation tool that, Howard says, gives broadcast sales representatives access to premium, third-party digital inventory including display ads, pre-roll
video, connected TV/OTT and geofencing.

“In minutes, sales teams are able to build a professional and clean proposal that combines airtime with multiple digital tactics, helping speed up campaign time to close,” Marketron said in a company release distributed Tuesday (8/18). “NXT consolidates proposal creation, order entry, execution of radio and digital, and invoicing, giving sales reps the ability to add creative to campaigns and convert proposals to insertion orders.”

A beta user of Marketron NXT is South Florida’s NPR Member station, WLRN-FM 91.3 in Miami. Over the past year, the station has seen a growing number of its longtime underwriters make the transition to digital offerings. With Marketron NXT, WLRN empowered its underwriting and sponsorship representatives to augment traditional campaigns with digital products, which in turn has helped the station retain sponsors
and grow its underwriting support.

“Until recently, we were doing very little with digital and were losing business as a result,” said Brendan Glynn, Director of Corporate Underwriting at the station’s operator, Friends of WLRN Inc. “The platform allows us to bring everything, even creative, in house and offer our clients a unified solution from a trusted source. By empowering our clients to help build campaigns online and be involved in decision-making, Marketron has helped us level the playing field with our competition and strengthen the relationship of trust our clients have with WLRN.”

Marketron NXT is currently in beta for customers of Marketron’s Visual Traffic and will be available next year for Radio Traffic. It is a cloud-based software platform.