Online retailer running buy-get sale on FM-enabled watch phones


Shades of Dick Tracy! DinoDirect, a global etailer in the consumer electronics space that sends out its releases from Hong Kong, is offering buy-one, get-one-free deals on selected items in its catalog. Among the possibilities is one radio stations may want to stock up on while the sale is on – watch phones that include an optional FM radio application.

The phones are worn on the wrist, and though apparently only a limited in the number of features that can be fit on a single unit, FM radio is one of them, and of course that would be feature #1 for a radio station stocking up on a supply for giveaways.

Here’s the description of the item that was offered by DinoDirect:

“Cell phones change as quickly as technology changes, but with the Watch Phone you can finally own a mobile device which will stay relevant indefinitely. These devices simply integrate telephony functionalities in wrist watch packages. There are different models of the devices available, and just like cell phones they come bundled up with varied features. Most of the wrist phones come with one or two features found in conventional cell phones such as integrated cameras, Bluetooth functionalities, FM Radios and WIFI connectivity. The Quad band devices may also come with MP3/MP4 players and support dual Sim cards.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We suggested using these puppies as promotional giveaways, but it won’t be the same as handing out pencils or lollipops that display your station’s call letters. We took a look at the DinoDirect website, and found that they run between $90-$200. But it might be a fun giveaway item to the degree that your promotional budget can support.

If nothing else, the promotional copy would tend to support Emmis honcho Jeff Smulyan’s contention that there is nothing unusual about offering FM functionality on a cell phone – except here in the US. In Hong Kong, FM is listed before WIFI, while here in the US it probably wouldn’t be listed period. Kind of makes you think the US wireless companies just might have some sort of ulterior motive for downplaying FM-on-cell service.

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