An Open, ‘Extensible’ Video Production and Delivery Platform Is Here


LAS VEGAS — With a front-and-center “can’t miss ’em” spot once again, located just outside the North Hall entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Ooyala will certainly gain a lot of passersby and broadcast media execs interested in new ways to monetize short- and long-form video through their digital and social media platforms.

Ooyola hopes they’ll also be interested in a just-unveiled open and “extensible” video production and delivery tool the company says “simplifies and streamlines the process of managing, curating, orchestrating, publishing, analyzing and monetizing video content.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform, the company says, is designed “specifically to meet the needs of today’s media content owners and production companies.” It provides customizable workflows, integration of third party tools, and a common data set across the video operation “to gain deeper insights, improve customer experience, and increase content ROI.”

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform “provides a unified framework that optimizes the entire content supply chain, and can be further configured and developed by customers to meet their specific needs,” the company notes.

Ooyala CEO Jonathan Huberman added, “We are solving one of the media industry’s biggest pain points – how to get the most engaging content to market faster at a lower cost. What we’re hearing today from all broadcasters, studios, media companies, and enterprises is that they need efficient tools that easily integrate in order to produce, manage and distribute content profitably. This is today’s behind-the-scenes media revolution — a new paradigm in which no company wants to be tied to a proposed ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, or individual solutions from multiple vendors or legacy systems that cannot be integrated.”