Ooyala OD’s On Video Localization and Delivery


Audience growth. New revenue. What TV station owner doesn’t want this?

A big provider of software and tools designed to optimize the production, distribution and monetization of media recognizes this. As such, it has just inked a new strategic partnership with Netherlands-based ODMedia Group. The pact allows Ooyala to integrate ODMedia’s video localization and delivery capabilities with Ooyala’s video production, management, distribution and monetization services.

The combination of Ooyala’s Flex Media Platform and ODMedia Group’s established position as a preferred delivery partner with most global platforms, including the likes of Netflix, Google Play, iTunes and YouTube, “will enable broadcasters and content owners to deliver content to any platform, any time, in any format, cost effectively,” Ooyala boasts.

In addition, the partnership seeks to address scale and complexity in producing different local versions of content by streamlining the processes for content companies seeking to deliver local experiences across traditional and new media platforms.

“Increasingly, content owners and distributors are targeting global audiences, but there are significant costs involved in ensuring the right format requirements are met,” said Ooyala CEO Jonathan Huberman. “Through this new partnership, we’re able to provide a best-of-breed solution for delivering content to today’s top platforms, everywhere in the world. This means getting content to market faster, and at a lower cost – unlocking opportunities for content owners in every region.”

ODMedia also has deployed the Ooyala Flex Media Platform as a way users can streamline time and resource consuming workflow processes. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform, the company says, “will help ODMedia automate and better manage internal media workflow tasks that are multiplying along with ODMedia’s rapid growth.”

ODMedia Group offers content management, encoding and extensive distribution services to enable VOD, linear TV and catch-up TV offerings. ODMedia processes hundreds of hours of content every day and distributes content to over 120 countries and 1000 platforms, including most IPTV/ cable operators, VOD platforms and OTT providers such as XBOX, Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Sjef Pijnenburg of ODMedia Group notes, “Partnering with Ooyala – and leveraging their expertise – has significantly added to our capabilities, allowing us to better serve the demands of media companies seeking to grow and improve their operations.”