Open gate around tower leads to FCC fine


Broadcast TowerDuring a 12/17/10 inspection of the transmitter site of WOYK-AM York PA, FCC agents discovered a gate with a broken hasp, allowing unrestricted entry into the area. On top of that, the general property was unfenced.

The station is licensed to WOYK Inc. It a Sports outlet on 1350 kHz, licensed as a Class B with 5 kW-D, 1 kW-N, DAN.

According to the FCC, “The agents observed that the hasp on the gate of the fence enclosing the Antenna Structure was broken, which prevented the gate from closing and allowed unrestricted access to the base of the Antenna Structure.  Based on the condition of the hasp, it appeared to the agents that the hasp had been in disrepair for an extended period of time.  In addition, the property on which the Antenna Structure is located was not enclosed by a protective property fence and there is a nearby residential area.”

The station’s president informed the agents on the same day saying he’d have the site inspected, and later, still on the same day, he reported that the hasp had been repaired.

The standard fine for this violation is $7K, and it has been hit with a notice of apparent liability for that amount. At this stage in the process it still has the right to seek a cancellation or reduction of the fine.