Opie returning to Sirius XM; to figure out what’s next


Gregg-Opie-HughesWhile Anthony Cumia, fired co-host of the ‘Opie and Anthony Show,’ will not return to the radio, but is planning a live podcast-style broadcast from his Long Island home studio, Gregg “Opie” Hughes tweeted he’ll be back Monday to decide what will become of the show and the Sirius XM Opie and Anthony channel: “Had a long talk with SiriusXM. Me and Jim Norton will be back on the radio next Monday to start to figure this out.” Norton, a comedian, has been a regular cast member for a long time, and it looks like he’ll be staying with Opie and not moving over to do a podcast with Cumia.

Cumia, the $3 million-a-year co-host of the show, was fired 7/3 after making “racially charged and hate-filled remarks on social media,” Sirius XM announced.